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Make a Face for the iPhone & iPad

    • For best results use pictures that have been taken with a similar, neutral, background, with the subject facing directly into the camera. Ask your subjects to show medium sized smiles. Search for suitable facial graphics on the internet. Share facial graphics with others.
    • Using the "+ Camera" button, import the picture you want, crop it so that goes lengthwise from the exact top of the head to the exact bottom of the chin (not the neck), drag the crosshairs to the tip of the nose, and then tap Done. If each of your cropped pictures frame the face with closely similar dimensions, there will be excellent results with quadrant alignment during animation. If a picture needs to have its alignment adjusted, tap its thumbnail, tap Edit, and adjust as needed.
    •Drag and drop back and forth between the Library and the Active thumbnails to choose which images appear in the quadrant animations. Double tap on any thumbnail to display an individual face in the display window. Dragging any picture into any quadrant will insert the correct section of the picture into the quadrant where it has been placed.