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Rating Faces: The List!

The following ratios between facial triangles are calculated:
1. Chin to outer eye (CO)
2. Mouth to inner eye (MI)
3. Inner eye to chin (IC)
4. Outer eye to mouth (OM)
5. Chin to mouth (CM)
6. Outer eye to inner eye (OI)

Six separate linear dimensions (LT) are also calculated. The formula used to determine the extent to which the proportions of an adolescent or adult face approximate the proportions of faces commonly regarded as having classical beauty is:
cb = (((cor/oer/mer/cmr/ecr/omr)*(500)) + 30) +/- LT

Review some sample ratings

Rating Faces compiled its data for faces based on the facial proportions of well known men and women widely regarded as reflecting classical beauty. Subjects were chosen from every ethnic background and a rating formula was constructed whose results reflected the similar ratio of facial triangles among the individuals whose facial proportions were measured. Calculations were based on pictures of these men and women when they were young, and the average data results for them was 93%.

Naturally, some people age more gracefully than others, and of course, for each well known person whose facial proportions reflect classical beauty, there are thousands of well known and unknown people whose facial proportions meet or exceed the ideals of beauty reflected by these famous people.

Sara Galimberti, Rita Hayworth, Joy Bryant, Brigitte Bardot, Erol Flynn, Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin, Ryan Bittle, Denzel Washington, James Stewart, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Candice Swanepoel, Sophia Loren, Arlenis Sosa, Grace Kelly, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks, Katherine Hepburn, Cindy Crawford, Kirby Griffin, Greta Garbo, Penelope Cruz, Eduardo Verastegui, Warren Beatty, Elvis Presley, Marion Cotillard, Evangine Lilly, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, James Garner, Zhang Zilin, Carmen Soo, Amber Chia, Tyson Beckford, Paul Walker, Harry Hamlin, Crystal Liu, Channing Tatum, Trevor Donovan, Alex Pettyfer, Eva Mendes, Wei Zhao, Kristin Kruek, Ziyi Zhang, Odette Annable, Emmanuelle Chirqui, Grace Park, Sarah Shahi, Vanessa Marcil, Selena Gomez, John F. Kennedy Jr, Brad Pitt, Sharam Diniz, George Clooney, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Qi Shu, Sei Ashina, Arden Cho, Gregory Peck, Jamie Chung, Diana Ross, Gene Tierney, Judy Garland, Catherine Deneuve, Angie Harmon, Ali Lartner, Diane Lane, Amanda Seyfried, Isabella Miko, Isaiah Mustafa, James Dean, Thor Knai, Patrick Dempsey, Taye Diggs, Buster Crabbe, Judit Masco, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Enrique Iglesias, William Levy, Melodie Monrose, Wei Tang, Alice Sophia Eve.