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Software to unite mankind by illuminating its common heritage. Rearranges and animates the components of any image. Calculates and compares facial proportions. Creates asymmetrical and symmetrical mirror images. Colorizes and animates photographs into movies. Distorts, reshapes, and merges facial features. Exposes surprising facial similarities and differences. Loops, shuffles, swirls, and disassembles any face.
Molecular Mayhem
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  Joining the people of the world.

Make a Face® and Make a Face Plus® divide photographs of human faces into quadrants whose common point is the center tip of the nose. These quadrants are then merged into an animated display that creates a smoothly aligned video of the combined, but individually recognizable, facial images from multiple facial graphic sources. If you like creating interesting photos and animations of the faces of your friends and family, then Make a Face® gives you a way to create photos taken from a unique and interesting array of perspectives, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Make a Face Portraits can apply thousands of different paint combinations to the face pictures you upload and merge with faces of your family, friends, and anyone else. You can turn the merged images of up to four different faces into intriguing and uniquely multicolored visual art. The faces will be simultaneously both instantly recognizable and completely unrecognizable.

Rating Faces, a feature of Make a Face as well as a separate OS X app, calculates the degree to which the facial proportion ratios of any face approach the ratios of people who are commonly regarded as reflecting classic beauty.

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